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Finding Your Venue

The perfect venue sets the tone for your event right from the start so settling on a space that serves all of your needs, and fits into our budget, can be exciting and daunting. Here we help you navigate the process, including many of the small but important questions to ask and things to look for at your venue.


Space for group yoga, top-tier steakhouse, airport proximity, golf course, attendees can stay on-site? Decide on the Must-Have aspects of your venue and use those priorities to immediately narrow down your field of options. I guarantee that there is a venue for you out there that will meet your needs.


Is catering done in house or do they have a preferred caterer list? Who holds the liquor license and can you bring in your own product? Ask for their menu and be sure to get the ++ percentages. The little ++ you see by the pricing is tax and gratuity - the tax is typically the local city tax but the gratuity can be as high as 26% or more at the fancier venues. To put it in perspective, a $15++ cocktail becomes a $20.25 cocktail - and that doesn’t include the bartender).

Ask all the questions

Every venue has different policies and you’d be surprised what they do, or do not include in the price.

  • What will the venue allow or not allow? Look at your needs and start asking them the big questions that will impact what you want to do. Consider what your vendors need as well.

  • Rules on music levels or quiet hours?

  • Where are the electrical outlets located?

  • Deliveries - can vendors deliver/pickup outside of operating hours

  • What’s included in the rental fee - security, rooms, internet, on-site attendant, etc.?

  • How many bathrooms does the venue have? How far are they from the event space?

  • Inclement weather backup spaces

  • What can they do in-house and what will we need to bring in? Lighting, audio/visual, dance floor, linens, chairs, tables, etc.

  • Insurance requirements

  • Resort fee? Parking fee?


We are big fans of spreadsheet comparison charts for venues - especially when you are dealing with many small factors. You can layout each expense and truly see how each venue (and vendor) is playing-nice with their customers and your budget.


You’d be surprised how many fees can be negotiated away once you ask for them to be removed. Do not hesitate to ask for a discount or removal of resort fees, parking fees, internet charges or even a discount on room rental or food and beverage. Let the venue know that you are gathering quotes as a little competition can sometimes get you a better price. A simple “I love your venue but am stuck choosing between you and so-and-so. Is there anything else that you are able to do to win our business?”

Make a Decision

Once you have a handful of options, we recommend up to 5, confidently decide on the venue and sign the contract. If you are having trouble deciding, ask yourself who you are most comfortable work - venue, your contact there, the staff you interacted with. Trust your gut and go with that venue. Now you can start rolling on planning the other aspects of your event.

Questions? We've got you covered. Drop us a line at

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