It's Taken Care Of...

It's Taken Care Of... This is the Tidal Event Consulting motto. You'll hear it a lot as as we move through planning. More importantly, you'll feel it during your event. With us, you won't have to worry about the little things. We'll make sure every detail is in order — even when those details are making sure your CEO is delivered a perfectly chilled martini with three blue cheese-stuffed olives just as she arrives. The things that make a good event great. That's our job. It's taken care of.


Whether you are starting from scratch, need management or guidance to make your established event shine, our services are for you.

Focus on What's Important

Small details can make events daunting. But, guess what? WE THRIVE ON DETAILS! We will make your retreat, corporate or fundraising event stand out to attendees. They'll feel valued and appreciated — and you'll look like the hero. Your time is valuable. Hiring Tidal Event Consulting allows you to focus on the people and experiences that are important to you. We'll focus on getting all the details right.

Out of the Box Thinking

Feed a Giraffe? Deep Sea Fishing? Cattle Drive? Let’s make your conference one that they can’t stop talking about years later.


We'll create and maintain a realistic budget for your event — and be honest and upfront about what's achievable right from the start. We have years of experience meeting our budgets and managing expectations of each party involved in the planning process. Our experience means we know the nuances of vendor contracts...and have the insider tips to get you the best prices on anything you need for your event.


Seamless events mean happy attendees. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the crowd. A client once described us as “Type A, excruciating attention to detail - in a good way!” It’s one of the best compliments we’ve ever received.

Problem Solving

Last minute additions, forgotten supplies, football field-sized American Flag locked in a van 10 minutes before it’s needed for a nationally-televised pregame show? Problem solved. We think on our feet and do it with a smile.


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